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Unlocking Innovation, Crafting Excellence: Ahanjayas, Where Quality Meets Imagination

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We Provide

All our cutlery and the food packaging products are
customizable to your requirements to ensure your
brand enegy is resonated across the touch points.

State-of-the-art production facility

With the capacity to produce nearly a million pieces in a day, we ensure timely delivery and consistent quality to meet the demands of our esteemed clients.

Imagination, Artistic design & Eco- friendly

By marrying aesthetics with environmental consciousness, we offer an unparalleled experience for our customers.

Catering to global industries

From prominent airlines and multinational food chains to renowned hotels, resorts, hospitals, fast food establishments, and take-away joints, our products have become the trusted choice for eco-conscious businesses worldwide.

100 % Customized with attention to detail

At Ahanjayas, we understand that every customer is unique. That's why we go the extra mile to provide from branding opportunities to tailored design elements, we pay meticulous attention to detail, delivering solutions that leave a lasting impression.

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Our value

"Our Commitment to Excellence"

Ahanjayas excels in quality, sustainability, and innovative solutions for diverse industries, delivering excellence with a steadfast commitment to our customers and the environment.

Our Vision

Illuminating a Sustainable Future

As the first ray of sunrise nourishes the earth, Ahanjayas envisions a world illuminated by sustainable innovation. We aspire to bring brightness and eco-conscious solutions to the planet, one packaging innovation at a time.

Our Mission

Cultivating Sustainability, Crafting Excellence

At Ahanjayas, our mission is to cultivate a culture of sustainability and craft excellence in packaging. We work relentlessly to offer innovative, customizable, and eco-friendly solutions that nurture the environment while elevating brands and enriching lives.

Our Motto

Wrapped with Love

At Ahanjayas, everything we do is wrapped with love. From our eco-conscious solutions to our dedicated service, our commitment is to bring warmth, care, and sustainability to your world

VIDUR VINEET: A Visionary Leader with a Passion for Packaging Technologies and Sustainability


Founder and Director

At the helm of Ahanjayas, Vidur Vineet is more than just a Managing Director; he’s a visionary on a mission. Vidur’s journey into the world of packaging began with a fervent passion for technology and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. His quest to harness the power of packaging technologies stems from a profound love for nature and a genuine concern for its well-being.

With an eagle-eye for detail, Vidur is known for his meticulous approach to crafting packaging solutions that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally responsible. His designs are a testament to his unwavering quest for sustainability, as each product is thoughtfully created to minimize its impact on the planet.

Yet, Vidur’s passions go beyond the realm of business. His quest for spirituality has instilled in him a profound respect for life in all its forms. This reverence extends to his work, where he considers the broader impact of packaging on living beings, from the end-users to the ecosystems it touches.

Cost consciousness is another of Vidur’s driving forces. He understands the importance of delivering higher value at an affordable cost. This unique blend of quality and cost-effectiveness allows Ahanjayas to stand out in the industry, helping clients benefit from the perfect marriage of affordability and excellence.

In essence, Vidur Vineet embodies the core values of Ahanjayas. His passion for packaging technologies, dedication to sustainability, eye for detail, spiritual connection, love for all living beings, and cost consciousness all converge to shape a leader who is not just steering a business but also steering change. Under his guidance, Ahanjayas thrives as a brand that’s not just wrapped with love but also with a profound sense of responsibility towards our planet and its inhabitants.”

This narrative captures Vidur’s multi-faceted personality, from his professional commitment to his broader values, which shape the ethos of Ahanjayas